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10 Tips To Keep Your Commercial Paint In Great Condition

10 Tips to Keep Your Commercial Paint in Great Condition

A fresh coat of paint can perform wonders. However, it’s vital to take steps to keep a new paint job looking fabulous for years to come. It’s something that’s especially pertinent when it comes to being able to keep your commercial paint in great condition. Running a successful business often relies on presenting a positive first impression. As a result, exterior commercial paint finishes are of the utmost importance.

At the same time, a fresh-looking coat of interior paint can transform a space and help to attract new business. What’s vital in either instance is keeping the paint looking fresh in the long term. At Armadillo Painting, our commercial painting team is committed to quality. We offer top-notch, courteous service and promise to keep spaces clean, work in a timely manner, and communicate updates via clients’ preferred contact methods. Doing so is something that we’re immensely passionate about. Find out more about keeping your commercial paint looking its best with these 10 tips!

1. Start With the Right Commercial Paint

Choosing the correct commercial paint for a given application is crucial for longevity. It’s important to consider durability, first and foremost, as well as things like ease of cleaning. Pay particular attention when painting high-traffic areas, and always remember to use weather-resistant and waterproof commercial paints where appropriate.

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Of course, starting with the right paint is only ever half of the battle. Elsewhere, regularly scheduled maintenance is also necessary to keep commercial paint in great condition. Regularly dust down painted interior surfaces, including walls, to alleviate the risk of dirt buildup. Similarly, wash exterior painted walls as necessary to keep them looking their best.

3. Test Before You Start Cleaning

Before tackling any painted surface with a cleaning product, test it on a small, discreet area. Specialist cleaning products designed for painted surfaces shouldn’t be a problem. However, other solutions may be too harsh, potentially causing problems and damaging even hard-wearing commercial paint products.

4. Remove Commercial Paint Spills and Stains Immediately

Most commercial paint is designed to stand up to at least minor spills and stains. That said, removing any spills or stains at the first opportunity is essential. Left unchecked, they can eventually begin to eat into paint or result in long-lasting marks that aren’t easily removed further down the line.

5. Promptly Repair Any Paint Chips or Flaking

Beyond small spills and stains, more extensive damage to commercial painting usually starts with a chip or flaking. Chips and flaking areas can quickly spread. However, it’s easy to alleviate much of the risk by promptly repairing such issues should they arise.

6. Employ Protective Features for Your Commercial Paint

Of course, preventing chips, flaking, and other forms of damage is always preferable to making even minor repairs to commercial paint. Examples of protective features include door stoppers, chair rails, and corner guards. The fewer things that come into contact with painted surfaces, the better.

7. Beware of Damage From Utilities

Particularly in terms of exterior painted surfaces, beware of damage from air conditioning units and other appliances and utilities. Leaks can cause severe damage to any paint job, indoors or outdoors. Therefore, appropriately maintaining things like air conditioning systems is an excellent way to prevent potential knock-on effects caused by the escape of water and other issues.

8. Perform Routine Commercial Paint Touch-Ups

Ultimately, touch-ups always cost less than repaints. Further to minor repairs to commercial painting, consider routinely touching up any signs of wear common in high-traffic areas, such as scuffs or fading. Whether touching up a small patch or entirely repainting a single wall, this will always be cheaper than a complete repaint of a wider area.

9. Use Computer Matching Where Necessary

When performing touch-ups, try to use computer paint matching wherever possible. If none of the original paint is left over or the finish has begun to fade, computer matching new commercial paint prevents the risk of repainting using a potentially poor match. Simply cut out a small area of a previously painted surface and speak to an experienced painter to secure a computer-aided match.

10. Call in the Experts if You Have Any Doubts

Where there’s any uncertainty surrounding keeping your commercial paint in great condition, never be afraid to call in the experts. From simple advice to helping to address one or more maintenance issues with hands-on assistance, professional painters like ourselves at Armadillo Painting are always just a telephone call away.

Commercial Paint Solutions from Armadillo Painting

At Armadillo Painting, we’re a premier painting company and a go-to source of commercial and residential paint jobs. Our commercial painters are qualified to deliver professional and quality painting solutions time and time again.

If you’re looking to renovate or spruce up your building, Armadillo Painting offers unparalleled access to the commercial paint services you need. With a team of highly trained and passionate professionals, we’re on hand to deliver a plethora of interior and exterior paint products.

Armadillo Painting promises complete customer satisfaction, skilled crews, respect for property, accurate schedules, clear communication, and more. We also make safety a top priority. That’s because we care! Contact Armadillo Painting today to find out more.

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How To Choose A Commercial Painting Company

How to Choose a Commercial Painting Company

Whether you are a family-owned business or the manager of a massive corporate entity, maintaining the health and vitality of your operating facility is of the utmost importance. Curbside appeal is everything for customers, clients, and even colleagues – so make sure not to leave it by the wayside when it comes time to choose a commercial painting company.

Importance of Commercial Painting Company Services

If you have a great product and exceptional services, you likely don’t think about your curbside appeal that much. Still, setting your best foot forward includes putting a nice coat of paint onto the building that you will operate out of.

Repainting your commercial property can go a long way toward benefiting your business, building your brand, and inspiring consumer confidence. There are a few other benefits that you can expect along the way, so let’s share those with you below.

  • Boost Your Image – A poorly painted building or a business that hasn’t been tended to will look in ill repute and disrepair. Taking care of your property can go a long way toward bringing in new customers while improving and cementing the professionalism of your image.
  • Improve Sales – When customers and clients feel at ease entering your establishment, you know that you are getting off on the right foot. Sales will be easier to make when you host work inside of a building that properly represents your professionalism. A prettier building will also be more noticeable to people walking or driving by, thus bringing more potential traffic to your door.
  • Stay Competitive – If you aren’t improving your business, then you are likely to fall behind someone else. In today’s competitive market, it is important to do everything we can to stand out in the crowd of potential businesses. Repainting your commercial property is a simple way to stand out in the crowd while helping to assure your bottom line.

Select the Right Commercial Painting Company for Your Business

Once you’ve decided that it is time to upgrade your property with a new layer of paint, you need to reach out to the right commercial painting company. To help you find the right painting team for your building, let’s outline a few ways you can approach the search.

  • Experience Matters – You wouldn’t trust your business in the hands of a complete novice, so why would you do the same for your commercial painting company? Look for an experienced team that has a history of success in the area. Armadilla Painting Co, as an example, has been serving the region for years with decorated reviews to back up its talents.
  • License and Insured – Your business is more than just the place where you work, it is your livelihood and future. Make sure that you work with a team of commercial painters that are licensed and insured to operate in your establishment. By doing this, we can make sure that our building is taken care of if something happens.
  • Comfortable Consultation – Companies like Armadillo Painting Co offer extensive and exhaustive consultation services to ensure that their client’s needs are met from the beginning of the project through to its completion. Opt for a company that can give you the time of day to detail the needs of your business, how much the services will cost, and anything else that you might need to know.
  • Specialized Services – Commercial painting companies are experts at working with professional establishments rather than in recreational locations. Armadillo Painting Co has the unique tools, skills, and knowledge to help commercial companies look their best so that they can earn the most.

To learn more about painting your commercial building, simply fill out a General Inquiry through Armadillo Painting Co to receive a virtual estimate of your property.

Contact Armadillo Painting Co.

Armadillo Painting opened its doors as a fresh-faced family operation in 2005, proudly serving the Seattle area. Quickly growing into the business that it has become today, Armadillo Painting specializes in delivering superior service and value to each and every customer. Prioritizing professionalism and integrity, Armadillo is proud to provide the area with unbeatable commercial painting services.

You can contact Armadillo Painting Co. today to enjoy

  • Residential Services
  • Multi-Family Buildings
  • Commercial Services

From concept to project completion, the team at Armadillo Painting Co. is on standby to help make your commercial painting job as easy as possible. Schedule an estimate today by contacting the team at Armadillo Painting!

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5 Things For A Commercial Painting Company

5 Things to Look for in a Commercial Painting Company

Not every commercial painting company is created equal. When you’re hiring for your upcoming commercial painting job, knowing what to look for and how to conduct your search is important. It’s important to find a contractor that offers quality, outstanding customer service, a variety of services, excellent references, and professionalism.

At Armadillo Painting Co, we’ve been providing quality painting services to business owners and commercial property owners in the Seattle area since 2005. We can help you with your commercial painting projects, as we have all of these qualities and more. Here’s what to know when you’re seeking a commercial painting company in Seattle.

1. Quality, excellence, and skill

Quality, excellence, and skill are the cornerstones of good work in the commercial painting world. Not all contractors are able to perform with the same level of skill. Years in business can impact quality because many contractors get better as the years go by. In addition, contractors who cut corners and charge lower prices may not perform quality work.

When you’re trying to decide if the commercial painting company that you’re considering does excellent work, take a look at their portfolio or their online gallery. Their gallery should feature pictures from a variety of projects, and the quality of the work should be clear.

Shopping around can help you determine what is a reasonable price point for your project. Avoid working with contractors who charge dramatically lower prices than the competition. Remember that the quality of the work will impact the appearance and value of your commercial property for years to come.

2. Outstanding customer service

Outstanding customer service makes your painting experience that much better. Assess the customer service practices of the painters you’re considering by asking yourself questions when you’re talking to them on the phone, and when you’re meeting with them in person.

  • Did the painting company answer the phone promptly?
  • Did they respond to questions in a timely fashion, and with accuracy?
  • Did they do what they say they would do?

Assuming that your painting contractor makes an appointment to review the job site and give a quote, notice whether they show up on time and if they were prepared to have a discussion about your needs and wants. Avoid any painting contractor that seems to be giving only a partial effort. Never work with a painting contractor that will quote a price for a job site unseen.

3. Variety of services

It’s best to work with a commercial painting company that offers a variety of services so that if you ever need more painting services in the future, you can return to the same trusted business again and again. At Armadillo Painting Co, we offer:

  • Elastomeric coatings
  • Anti-graffiti coatings
  • Concrete sealers
  • Interior and exterior commercial painting
  • Dry fall paint

4. References

Even a brand-new painting contractor should have references. Check references to find out what experiences previous customers have had with that painting contractor. Questions to ask include:

  • Would you work with this painting contractor again?
  • Did the work start on time?
  • How long ago did you work with this contractor?
  • What kind of work was done?
  • Was the job finished at or under budget? If not, why not?
  • What challenges did this painting contractor encounter during the job, and how did they handle it?
  • Would you recommend this painting contractor to others? If not, why not?

5. Professionalism.

Professionalism is an important quality in a contractor! When you’re seeking a professional painting contractor, look for signs that the painter operates with the utmost professionalism. Some examples of what to look for include:

  • The contractors arrive wearing appropriate attire or company-specific clothing.
  • The business website is professionally maintained and informative.
  • The company has professional policies that protect clients, including a warranty of work.
  • The contractors drive company-specific vehicles.
  • The representative that you meet with is able to give you a business card.

How to find a commercial painting company?

Finding a commercial painting company can be a challenge, especially when you’re living in a populated area like Seattle! There are so many businesses to choose from, sorting the good from the bad can seem overwhelming. Below are some suggestions to help you with this process:

  • Vet multiple painters. Meet with at least three contractors to get quotes. Meeting with multiple contractors will make it easier to compare contractors, so you can decide which painters are right for you, and which ones aren’t.
  • Read the contract thoroughly. Once you’ve met with painting contractors, they produce quotes or contracts for you to review. When you know which contractor you’d like to hire, read the contract thoroughly before signing on a dotted line. Don’t work with a painter that wants to work “on a handshake.”
  • Know your goals. Know your goals for your project to help you communicate with the painters that you meet, so you can easily choose the right painter for you.
  • Communicate a budget. Know how much you plan to spend, and communicate this with each painter you meet.

Need your commercial property to be painted? Get started today.

Want to paint your commercial property in Seattle? Contact Armadillo Painting Co for commercial painting services. With nearly 20 years in the business, we operate with skill and professionalism.

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