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Commercial Painting

Armadillo Painting Co. began with small roots in 2005 as a family business and has grown today into a premier painting company. Whether you are looking to refresh a current paint job or transform your look completely, the commercial painters at Armadillo Painting are qualified to deliver professional and quality painting solutions.


Commercial Painting Services in Seattle, WA

If you are looking to renovate your office or apply anti-graffiti coatings to your building in Seattle, Armadillo Painting offers unparalleled access to the services you need. With a team of highly trained and passionate professionals, Armadillo Painting Co. can offer the following commercial painting services.

Interior and Exterior Painting Services For Commercial Buildings

Developing a leading business in the Greater Seattle region largely depends on presenting a positive first impression. Whether your business is a small coffee shop or a retail center, a fresh coat of paint can perform wonders. Painting your Seattle, WA property will not only make it more attractive and appealing to clients but will also revitalize your brand image.

Regardless if you plan to make small touch-ups or want an overhaul of the entire property, you’ll benefit from working with professional painters that specialize in commercial properties. Armadillo Painting has been working as a passionate team of commercial painters in the Greater Seattle area since 2005, offering exceptional services to a wide range of clients. We are proud to offer the following key commercial painting services for your business.

Interior and Exterior Painting Commercial Painting

At Armadillo Painting, we understand the importance of first impressions. A fresh coat of interior or exterior paint can transform the look of your business and attract new customers. Our commercial painting team is courteous and committed to quality: we keep your space clean, work in a timely manner, provide-top-of-the-line painting services, and communicate updates via your preferred method of contact.  

Office & Retail Improvements

As Seattle painting professionals, Armadillo Painting offers a full range of services for office and retail settings. Painting services include commercial interior painting, commercial exterior painting, wall covering, paint coatings, and dryfall paint application. No matter if your space is located in an industrial park, retail center, or warehouse, our team of commercial painters is committed to delivering excellent results. 

Our team of experienced painters can also refresh paintwork in common areas such as bathrooms, break rooms, and hallways. Over time, paint in highly trafficked areas can wear down and become scuffed, scratched, or chipped. Trust a professional painting company like Armadillo Painting to deliver effective and lasting painting solutions. 

Interior Renovations of Occupied Spaces

Our interior renovation services take the comfort of your customers and employees into consideration. With over 15 years of experience in the commercial painting industry, you can be sure your business operations can run as usual with minimal interruptions. 

In addition to the services listed above, the team at Armadillo Painting is also skilled in two unique varieties of commercial paint. These varieties are explained in further detail below.

Interior Painting Rowan
  • Dry Fall Paint — This is a specialized industrial product used traditionally on ceilings and interior walls. Commercial properties such as warehouses, industrial buildings, and even retail establishments all benefit from dry fall paint (latex, acrylic). Dry Fall Paint works on a number of surfaces ranging from aluminum to wood. This type of coating is ideal thanks to its quality finish, great adhesive abilities, and long-lasting reliability.

Experienced in Commercial Coatings and Sealers

With a focus on providing quality painting services, Armadillo Painting is proud to offer all-inclusive services covering not just commercial painting, but also coatings and sealant solutions. Working with a commercial painting company can help to cover many of the bases that you’d otherwise have to outsource to other businesses.

Elastomeric and anti-graffiti coatings are some of the most common and effective commercial coatings and sealers available from the team at Armadillo Painting.

  • Elastomeric Coatings — Vital to the long-lasting lifespan of a roof, elastomeric coatings are liquid coatings applied to metal, concrete, or membrane-style roofing. Similar to traditional paint, an elastomeric coating can dramatically improve the lifespan of a building by protecting it from environmental pollutants like UV rays, salt, and snow.
  • Anti-Graffiti Coatings — While some graffiti makes for great artwork, we don’t exactly want our commercial buildings to act as the canvas. An anti-graffiti coating applied by Armadillo Painting will remain invisible to the naked eye while providing advanced protection to your property. A sacrificial coating is a simple yet clear barrier that protects the surface beneath. A permanent coating will permanently prevent graffiti from adhering to the covered surface.
  • Concrete SealersSealing concrete is absolutely vital to the long-term protection of the surface. As a generally porous material, concrete is beholden to surface fluids as well as environmental damage. Salt, oil, fertilizer, and traditional household chemicals can all damage untreated concrete. Keep your commercial property looking and feeling its best with a concrete sealer applied to finish off the job.

The licensed-and-insured team of painting professionals can direct you to the sealing and coating solutions necessary for your commercial property.

Budgeting and Planning for your Commercial Painting Project

One of the most visible ways to improve a building’s look is to apply a fresh coat of paint. While this sounds simple, a commercial paint renovation requires methodical planning. Here are some aspects to consider when budgeting your commercial painting project. 

Determine What Needs Painting

Depending on the state of your commercial space, your building might need just a few touch-ups, or it might need a complete exterior and interior repaint. Carefully examine features that are already painted and keep a close eye out for any chipping, peeling, or cracking paint. 

Paint Chips With Design Sketches And A Ruler

Create a Painting Budget

Once you have determined what parts of your commercial space need a refresh, you can develop a painting budget. It’s important to make sure your budget has some flexibility in case your project takes longer than expected. When planning your budget, keep in mind these factors:

  • Surface preparation required
  • Type and brand of paint 
  • Number of coats of paint
  • Utilities (generators, water, etc)
  • Unforeseen complication

Select a Painter

The largest expense in your painting budget will be the contractor you hire. While you might be tempted to hire the commercial painting company with the cheapest quote, it is essential to select a professional service with a quality portfolio

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We have the needed field and office staff to complete small to large projects. Whether it is a small retail location, or a multi-unit new multifamily construction, or a large exterior repaint, we have the team and expertise to complete projects on time.  We provide inclusive and complete bids and value engineering options as needed to offer our clients the best value.

We value relationships with our clients and like to think the work speaks for itself. We work hard to minimize punch lists and deliver the best product in the marketplace.

Call Armadillo Painting For Effective Commercial Painting

Armadillo Painting first set up shop in 2005 as a family-owned and operated business. After finding initial success, Armadillo Painting Co. has grown into one of the most trusted companies for commercial painting services in the Greater Seattle Area. Staffed with a team of highly trained painting professionals and dedicated to customer satisfaction, you can count on Armadillo Painting for an accurate quote on your commercial painting project.  

Whether you are looking to renovate a commercial office space or spruce up your new construction projects, the team at Armadillo Painting is ready and willing to leap into action with quality painting services.