A fresh coat of paint can perform wonders. However, it’s vital to take steps to keep a new paint job looking fabulous for years to come. It’s something that’s especially pertinent when it comes to being able to keep your commercial paint in great condition. Running a successful business often relies on presenting a positive first impression. As a result, exterior commercial paint finishes are of the utmost importance.

At the same time, a fresh-looking coat of interior paint can transform a space and help to attract new business. What’s vital in either instance is keeping the paint looking fresh in the long term. At Armadillo Painting, our commercial painting team is committed to quality. We offer top-notch, courteous service and promise to keep spaces clean, work in a timely manner, and communicate updates via clients’ preferred contact methods. Doing so is something that we’re immensely passionate about. Find out more about keeping your commercial paint looking its best with these 10 tips!

1. Start With the Right Commercial Paint

Choosing the correct commercial paint for a given application is crucial for longevity. It’s important to consider durability, first and foremost, as well as things like ease of cleaning. Pay particular attention when painting high-traffic areas, and always remember to use weather-resistant and waterproof commercial paints where appropriate.

2. Schedule Regular Maintenance

Of course, starting with the right paint is only ever half of the battle. Elsewhere, regularly scheduled maintenance is also necessary to keep commercial paint in great condition. Regularly dust down painted interior surfaces, including walls, to alleviate the risk of dirt buildup. Similarly, wash exterior painted walls as necessary to keep them looking their best.

3. Test Before You Start Cleaning

Before tackling any painted surface with a cleaning product, test it on a small, discreet area. Specialist cleaning products designed for painted surfaces shouldn’t be a problem. However, other solutions may be too harsh, potentially causing problems and damaging even hard-wearing commercial paint products.

4. Remove Commercial Paint Spills and Stains Immediately

Most commercial paint is designed to stand up to at least minor spills and stains. That said, removing any spills or stains at the first opportunity is essential. Left unchecked, they can eventually begin to eat into paint or result in long-lasting marks that aren’t easily removed further down the line.

5. Promptly Repair Any Paint Chips or Flaking

Beyond small spills and stains, more extensive damage to commercial painting usually starts with a chip or flaking. Chips and flaking areas can quickly spread. However, it’s easy to alleviate much of the risk by promptly repairing such issues should they arise.

6. Employ Protective Features for Your Commercial Paint

Of course, preventing chips, flaking, and other forms of damage is always preferable to making even minor repairs to commercial paint. Examples of protective features include door stoppers, chair rails, and corner guards. The fewer things that come into contact with painted surfaces, the better.

7. Beware of Damage From Utilities

Particularly in terms of exterior painted surfaces, beware of damage from air conditioning units and other appliances and utilities. Leaks can cause severe damage to any paint job, indoors or outdoors. Therefore, appropriately maintaining things like air conditioning systems is an excellent way to prevent potential knock-on effects caused by the escape of water and other issues.

8. Perform Routine Commercial Paint Touch-Ups

Ultimately, touch-ups always cost less than repaints. Further to minor repairs to commercial painting, consider routinely touching up any signs of wear common in high-traffic areas, such as scuffs or fading. Whether touching up a small patch or entirely repainting a single wall, this will always be cheaper than a complete repaint of a wider area.

9. Use Computer Matching Where Necessary

When performing touch-ups, try to use computer paint matching wherever possible. If none of the original paint is left over or the finish has begun to fade, computer matching new commercial paint prevents the risk of repainting using a potentially poor match. Simply cut out a small area of a previously painted surface and speak to an experienced painter to secure a computer-aided match.

10. Call in the Experts if You Have Any Doubts

Where there’s any uncertainty surrounding keeping your commercial paint in great condition, never be afraid to call in the experts. From simple advice to helping to address one or more maintenance issues with hands-on assistance, professional painters like ourselves at Armadillo Painting are always just a telephone call away.

Commercial Paint Solutions from Armadillo Painting

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