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2022 Trending Paint Colors For Your Home

2022 Trending Paint Colors for Your Home

Paint is a tool that can dramatically change the look of a room and provide the mood you seek. Each year, paint manufacturers showcase a variety of trendy paint colors to be used in the home to either refresh, modernize, or simply create a new look.

If you’re looking to paint this year in one or more of your rooms, you can expect the 2022 trending paint colors to evoke feelings of relaxation, peacefulness, and feeling like you are living in a natural environment. This is a little pivot from last year’s bold paint statements. If serenity is the sort of mood you’re seeking, you’ll love this year’s top colors.

Trending Paint Colors: Neutrals

Warmer neutrals are definitely continuing to trend this year. Making a big comeback in 2020, neutrals with more of an “Earthy” feel replaced the cool gray and white neutrals, and it’s expected these warmer hues will remain the most popular. In 2022, warmer colors, such as off-whites, beiges, and light browns will be top choices when looking for a neutral look as a primary color, or even as a secondary accent color if you still want to go bold on your walls.

Unlike previous years when gray was all the rage, grays aren’t the top trending color this year. That being said, many of the leading hues in 2022 do possess gray undertones. What paint developers have done is take this year’s popular colors, such as greens and blues, and create a blend. The result brings in this year’s natural vibes, but in a more subtle fashion.

Greens on Trend for 2022

In September 2021, Glidden paint had The Harris Poll conducted a survey and the results showed that 62% of people (3 in 5 people surveyed) would be willing to use green paint in their homes. Green hues were anticipated to make big impressions this year and, so far, that projection has been spot on the money. Nearly every major paint company is promoting one or more shades of green.

And why not? Green perfectly exemplifies colors associated with nature and revitalization. Glidden’s Guacamole offers a fresh take on the avocado hues used in the 20th century. Other companies are also offering favored greens in 2022, including Sherwin Williams’ Evergreen Fog, Behr’s Breezeway, Benjamin Moore’s October Mist, and PPG’s Olive Sprig are also being promoted as popular choices.

2022 Trending Paint Colors Include Blues

Blue hues give off vibes of serenity and relaxation, which totally fit in with this year’s color palette themes. Periwinkle blues are making a statement, along with specific colors offered by leading paint manufacturers.

For instance, Graham & Brown’s Breathe is inspired by the theme of “reclaim,” according to the manufacturer, to evoke feelings of tranquility and to “bring the outdoors” in. Sherwin Williams’ Aleutian also offers a laid-back vibe to provide a room’s occupants with feelings of calmness. Other blue tones making their way into homes include PPG’s Winter’s Breath, and Sherwin Williams’ Moody Blue and Frank Blue. Factor in Behr’s blue selections of Ocean Abyss, After Rain, and Dark Cobalt Blue, and you’ve got a variety of different blue shades to choose from.

Trending Browns

You can’t have Earthy tones throughout a home and neglect to include brown. In fact, brown is widely viewed as this year’s top neutral color. Top brown paints this year include Dunn-Edward’s Art and Craft, a soft brown that offers sophistication. Other popular hues found in the brown family include Sherwin Williams’ Felted Wool and Benjamin Moore’s Burnt Sienna. If not looking to paint the walls brown, brown accent pieces go a long way towards embracing 20th-century modernism.

Other Trending Paints for 2022

Deep red and golden yellow were popular in 2021 and they’re still popular, along with a few other bold hues. While purple isn’t quite the fad it was in recent years, a few colors remain en vogue. For instance, Pantone’s Very Peri makes the top of many trending colors for many 2022 lists, along with Sherwin Williams’ Urbane Bronze for those seeking to paint one or more rooms in a striking bold color.

Valspar opted not to choose a singular color to promote but instead curated a palette of 12 nature-inspired colors to reflect this year’s Earthy theme. Their palette includes warm neutrals, soothing blues and greens, and dusty pastels. All designed with a peaceful vibe.

Update Your Home to Reflect 2022 Trending Paint Colors

For more than 20 years, the dedicated professionals at Armadillo Painting have committed themselves to helping their residential and business customers maintain their chosen look and feel of their spaces. Whether you’re looking to update all your rooms for a remodel or simply want to do a refresh of certain spaces, we’re happy to help you achieve the look you want.

Our professional painters operate with skill and professionalism. From getting your specs and providing you with an estimate to cleaning up after the job is completed, we pride ourselves on our skills to do the job right. To learn more about our services or to schedule an estimate, contact us today!

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Why Hiring A Professional Painting Company Is Critical

Why Hiring a Professional Painting Company Is Critical

If you’re considering painting your home, you may be debating the pros and cons of doing it yourself versus hiring a professional painting company. Color plays a vital role in the overall appearance of your home and because of that, painting can completely refresh its look or even change it dramatically. Imagine how different your home would look if you painted its white exterior a deep blue!

There are many benefits to hiring painters, including a guarantee on the quality of work. Here are eight additional reasons why painting a home is one job that should truly be left to the professionals.

1. Professional Painting Company Experience

A reputable professional painting company will have a team of experts who specialize strictly in painting homes. This team executes its work based on different client budgets, timetables, and expectations. Professional painters also have experience prepping and painting a variety of indoor and outdoor surfaces and materials, and they can help you come up with an ideal color scheme that suits your home and personality.

2. Necessary Tools

Have you thought about what tools you’ll need for a DIY painting project? One of the biggest benefits of hiring a professional painting company is that it provides those tools, eliminating a great deal of hassle and expense on your end.

3. Quality Work from Hiring a Professional Painting Company

Reputable professional painters stand behind their work and often provide some sort of quality guarantee. These companies will not cut corners anywhere in the process, understanding that a long-lasting paint job begins before a single brush stroke is painted.

Starting with proper surface preparation of scraping off loose paint or priming bare areas and masking and sealing off windows and furniture, to the final inspection and walking the client through the finished job, only a professional painting company offers this approach guaranteeing superior-quality work.

4. Use of Quality Products

When selecting paint and paint products for your home or office, quality is vital. You want a beautiful, long-lasting finish, and a professional painter knows the quality products to achieve this. Whereas a non-professional will focus primarily on the paint color, professionals know to pay attention to the quality of pigment, binders, liquids, and additives in paint, and where to source them.

5. Professional Painting Company Safety

Despite being a somewhat beginner-friendly project, painting comes with a great deal of necessary safety concerns and precautions. For example, sanding or scraping old lead-based paint can generate hazardous dust and chips, so in many states, it’s required that you hire a certified lead-safe renovation contractor to test lead levels and safely remove the loose paint.

Other examples include using a variety of different-sized ladders and wearing protective gear — routine, non-negotiable aspects of a professional painter’s job that they’ll worry about so you don’t have to.

6. Attention to Details

There are many, many moving parts when it comes to a paint job, all requiring attention to keep things running smoothly. A reputable professional painting company has established practices in place to screen its contractors, ensuring they hire only the best team that can manage this high-level attention to detail. The company should also keep tabs on the project timeline and budget to meet customer expectations, while also staying in regular communication with the client.

7. Innovative Ideas

What comes to mind when you think of painting your home or office, DIY-style? Most of us imagine a mess of paint cans, brushes, and masking tape, and long, tiring days ahead. When you hire a professional painting company, however, not only do they physically do the painting, but they also offer innovative concepts that you may not have realized were easily achievable in your own home.

Here are some clever ideas from professional painters that you may not have thought of on your own (or may not have thought were easily within reach!):

  • Use stencils to create wall motifs. The final finish could be unique patterns, shapes, or designs like Moroccan Trellis or Harlequin-style graphics.
  • Refining the look of bedrooms using soft metallic paint
  • Using stripes or color-blocking to add visual interest
  • Color washing to create a rustic Tuscan bedroom

8. Decorative Painting Becomes Possible

Decorative painting involves creating a paint finish that serves an ornamental or functional role in your home or office. Some people want decorative painting in a new-construction home, while others want something that blends well with current furniture and lighting. Opting for decorative painting over traditional styles has several advantages for your home.

  • Creates a multitude of effects and colors in your space, creating textural interest
  • Infinite color applications both indoors and outdoors
  • Decorative paint can be waterproof or make your surfaces slip-resistant, the same way traditional paint can be

Typical decorative painting includes plastic or latex paint, acrylic, vinyl, synthetic enamel, primer paints, and varnishes. A professional painting company specializing in decorative painting will first assess your home and share several innovative ideas, then decide on appropriate materials, painting techniques, and trendy decorative painting styles.

Armadillo Painting, a Professional Painting Company

Are you looking to paint the entire exterior of your home, or perhaps add a fresh coat of paint to your interior walls? Big or small, let Armadillo Painting handle your upcoming painting project. We infuse quality into everything we do and our customer testimonials prove it. From initial communication to job site cleanliness and everything in between, we pride ourselves on our highly efficient process. Call us today to schedule an estimate!

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Get Your Building Ready For Spring: Paint Maintenance Tips

Get Your Building Ready for Spring: Paint Maintenance Tips

Spring is the best time of year for paint maintenance, especially exterior paint. In winter, the weather can be too cold to apply paint safely, while in summer, the weather is too hot to be comfortable. This makes now the perfect time to apply touch up paint – provided that you can find a dry stretch of time to inspect and apply a fresh coat.

Get your building ready for spring by practicing smart paint maintenance tips. You can maintain the value of your property, attract more customers and boost your business’ reputation. After all, the paint is the first thing that your customers and employees see when they arrive at your building, inside and out. Here’s what you need to know.

Paint Maintenance Needs Clean Walls

Start by cleaning the walls of your building: inside and out. Paint can get dirty over time, and if the paint isn’t cleaned periodically, removing the dirt can get harder and harder to do. Cleaning the walls is also a good way to check the condition of your paint job and decide whether it’s time to refresh your paint.

To clean the exterior walls of your building: wait for a day when the temperature is moderate. Slightly overcast (but not rainy) days are best for cleaning walls.

  1. Spray the walls of your building with a jet of water. If your walls are not that dirty, this may clean them sufficiently. If not, move on to the next step.
  2. Lather the walls with a sponge or scrub brush dampened with mildly soapy water.
  3. Spray the walls again with a jet of water from a hose, to rinse. If the walls are still dirty following this process, use oxygen bleach mixed with water.

To clean the interior walls of your building: use a damp melamine foam cleaning sponge to clean the walls inside your building.

Inspect for Problems

As you’re cleaning the walls of your building, inspect the building for problems.

  • Bubbling, peeling. Bubbling and peeling paint could be a sign of a moisture problem happening under the walls. Check for leaks before reapplying paint.
  • Mold and mildew. Mold and mildew can permanently stain paint if it’s not cleaned off periodically. Look for mold and mildew in areas that rarely see sunlight. For example, you may find mold growing on parts of the building that are hidden by shrubs, where lack of airflow keeps the side of the building moist and perfect for mold growth.
  • Chipping. Chipping can happen in high-traffic areas that are often touched. Chipping can be a sign that your building’s paint job is just getting old. You can fix this problem by either touching up the paint, or repainting entirely.
  • Fading. Fading happens when you use poor quality paint. Work with your painting contractor to use good quality paint the next time you repaint your home.

Touch Up Areas in Need of Paint Maintenance

When the paint on your walls is beginning to look its age, but is not yet in need of a whole new coat, touch up paint may help. Below are the steps for applying touch up paint.

Match the paint. Hopefully you have leftover paint in your building’s storage, or know what shade and brand of paint you used to paint your building. However, if you don’t know how to get your hands on the right color, any paint store should be able to match the color from a chip, if it is large enough. Find out from your local paint store what paint chip size they require to get an accurate match.

Wait for the right conditions. If you’re touching up exterior paint, wait for the right temperature. Avoid painting on days that are forecast to be wet. Know the cure time for the paint that you’re applying, and ensure that the paint you’re using will have enough time to cure before the next rainfall.

Sand down the area to be painted. Sanding down the paint will help the new paint adhere to the wall.

Clean. Clean the area to be touched up, and allow it to dry fully before applying touch up paint.

Apply a test. Apply paint to an inconspicuous area on the building to see if it truly matches. Allow it to dry before deciding whether you’ve got the right shade.

Prime the area. Apply primer to the wall. Allow it to dry fully before applying the paint.

Apply the paint. Apply the paint to the wall, only in the area that needs the touch up paint. Allow the paint to dry, then apply another coat if needed. Finally, allow the paint to cure.

Repaint If Needed

During the inspection of your building, you may notice many areas that are fading, peeling, bubbling or chipping. If this is the case, it may be time to repaint. There’s only so much to be gained from touching up your paint. If this is the case, contact a professional painting contractor.

Need Help With Paint Maintenance? Contact the Experts

At Armadillo Painting, we help business owners maintain their property through proper paint maintenance tips. We can help you touch up or replace the paint on your walls, whether inside or out. Contact us for commercial painting services in Tukwila, WA.

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