Commercial Painters Seattle

Commercial Painters Seattle

Along with providing exceptional residential painting services, Armadillo Painting offers superior commercial painting services. The commercial painters Seattle-based company will work in versatile spaces—including medical offices, restaurants, retail locations, warehouses, and more. Armadillo Painting has performed complete renovations and new construction projects on commercial properties throughout Washington State.

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Commercial Painting Benefits

When you hire commercial painters Seattle for your business, it shows in the quality of workmanship. New paint on the interior or exterior of your office or building conveys a high level of professionalism. Prospective customers want to bring their business to a place that isn’t run down or vandalized with graffiti. Repainting an old building can dramatically change how your business looks. New paint reflects on your brand better and helps your company stand out from the competition.  

Always avoid DIY paint jobs for businesses. You’ll immediately note the quality of work when using a professional commercial painter like Armadillo Painting. For starters, your commercial property will require fewer touch-ups since professional paint jobs last much longer. You won’t see paint splatters or uneven lines upon job completion. A beautiful paint job also has a positive impact on employees. New paint promotes a positive atmosphere and lets your staff know you care about them. Choose colors that increase productivity and can also help inspire employees. Nobody wants to work in a space with unattractive paint.

Preparing a Job for Commercial Painters Seattle

Armadillo Painting provides free estimates, including the pricing and timeframes for commercial clients. After arriving on-site, the contractor will discuss with you what needs painting. Our professionals can let you know if the walls need only a few touch-ups or if a large-scale repaint is required. We can recommend color schemes and colors that complement the space and represent your brand. Our jobs aim to capture the attention of customers and those who pass by the business.

An estimate involves more than paint and labor costs. Our team will look at the current wall condition and decide how much preparation is needed to get the space ready for paint. The crew will also discuss paint types and the number of coats necessary to cover the interior and exterior areas. We make recommendations that will only add value to the property.

Commercial Painting Options

Along with traditional paint jobs, commercial clients of Armadillo painting inquire about protective sealers and coatings. The following are options we offer as commercial painters Seattle:

  • Elastomeric coatings. Elastomeric coatings come in a liquid base and can go over the roof of a commercial building. The coating protects the area from UV damage, rain, sleet, and snow.
  • Concrete sealers. Seal any concrete areas to prevent the porous material from getting damaged by dirt, oils, and other harsh materials.
  • Anti-graffiti coatings. A clear coating can go on an exterior building to prevent graffiti from adhering to the surface. 

Timely Completion with Commercial Painters Seattle

Armadillo Painting aims to exceed the expectations of every client. Our team will strive to work around your company’s schedule to provide the least amount of disruption to day-to-day operations. We have operated on tight deadlines and also have flexibility in scheduling work around peak times. With innovations in paint, fewer issues with fumes have occurred. Low and zero VOC paints eliminate any strong paint smells.

Jobs for commercial painters Seattle may have multiple areas that require painting. High-traffic areas such as bathrooms, breakrooms, waiting rooms, and hallways often need painting due to scuff marks, chips, and dings. The Armadillo Painting team can work room by room to reduce disruptions in these spaces. Customers make quick judgments about how a business looks, and they’ll appreciate a job well done. Depending on the traffic of the rooms, you may even decide to repaint every two to three years to keep the space looking clean and appealing.

No-Headache Cleanup

When hiring company of commercial painters Seattle, you can rest assured all furniture and flooring will stay protected during the process. Team members place protective sheeting over all items before work commences. Professional taping will also protect doorframes, light switches, and outlets.    

After the painting job, Armadillo Painting removes all equipment from the premises. Your company will not have to worry about getting rid of paint and brushes. Once contractors remove any coverings, newly painted areas will look as good as new.

Commercial Painters Seattle Area

Since 2005, Armadillo Painting has worked with area contractors and building managers to spruce up their spaces. Armadillo Painting works on commercial painting projects of all shapes and sizes throughout Seattle and surrounding areas. Our experienced team offers competitive services and flexible scheduling.

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