As Featured in Newcastle Living, March 2020



By Amy George

Samantha Kunkel Newcastle Living Mar20A PASSION FOR HER FAMILY and to contribute to her community is what drives Samantha Kunkel, founder of Armadillo Painting. She grew up in Newport Hills; her dad is a general contractor with a flexible schedule for his family. She wanted the same for herself and for her team of employees.

Samantha started small in 2005, doing accounting and administration for the business. In 2009, she became sole owner. Amid a recession, it was a challenging time to grow a business and Samantha was also in graduate school with young kids. However, she felt it was important to turn this chance into an opportunity to have a flexible schedule allowing her to pursue her goals while also being a mom, and to do so by providing a needed quality service to the community.

Today, Armadillo Painting offers not only residential painting services, but also commercial and multi-family services. They work with homeowners on both exterior and interior painting projects. The Armadillo team also works with HOAs on community projects, such as an exterior space or a shared interior common area. “Whether you are in the budgeting stage, or ready to complete the project this year,” they are committed to helping their customers to make their project a success.

Armadillo Painting also works with business owners and property managers on office or retail space of all sizes, whether it be a clinic, a strip mall, or an office park. Property managers with condominiums can use Armadillo in between tenants or for general improvements and updates. In addition to interior and exterior painting, the team does carpentry and drywall repair as well.

The Armadillo team is very important to Samantha. “I love my team and have worked hard to build it over the years. We are committed to doing our best.” They have skilled crews, high standards for safety, and respect for property. Customer satisfaction is central to the business. “Our reputation is key,” Samantha says. “I often ask, ‘How would the customer feel?”

Samantha aims to not only provide outstanding service to customers, but also opportunities for her employees. She also challenges herself and her team to serve the broader community. They contribute to the YMCA Annual Giving program and participate in the Master Builder’s Association annual “Painting for Tomorrow” event. The team recently donated 60 hours of time for Cedar House in Seattle.

When Samantha is not busy with the Armadillo team or spending time with her family, you might find her walking her dogs on one of our local trails. “The Newcastle trails are awesome,” and May Creek Trail is one of her favorites.